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Advertise your products and services in the internet and be the part of an ever growing market space.
Over 2 Crores of Micro and Medium Sized Enterprises were started in India in Last 5 Years.
Atleast 2% of existing Business in India have moved their business process to web technology aided platforms.
Be it Website, E-Commerce, Management or Invoicing Software or Digital Marketing, We are ready to help.

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Single Page Website

Small & Micro Business usually go for Single Page Websites as a landing page for their marketing campaigns.

You can chose this option if you dont worry about google search results visibility. Cost for this type of website are very less compared to a full fledged Business Website. If you dont have any custom design suggestion, Cost including everything can fall under INR 5000.

Note: Domain & Hosting Charges will recur every year. Buying for a longer period can save your money.

Business Website

A Business website is your ambassador and marketing chief in the Internet market place. It represents your Interests, Area of Expertise, Negotiates price to your potential customers, display your products and services etc. A business website will have a premium design which would be compatible with mobile devices and may have a Content Management System too. This category of websites will be completely Search Engine Optimized and probably rise up in Google results faster than slim websites.

If your serious about your business contuniuty in future, this is definetly a good choice and a good time to start.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website is a very sophisticated Web application which has a Business Website with Payment Gateway Integration and Cart Use Cases implemented as its front end, and one or more Web Trading Software Integrated at its backend.

It will have a customer facing section called as Store Front, along with a Customer Login Module, Parcel Tracking API, Merchant Login Module, Employee Login Module & Administrator Module.

Simplest of this category website are single vendor, cash on delivery systems which could be rolled out in a months time. Such website could be implemented under INR 60,000.00 for firms in India and under $3000 for Firms in Other Countries.

Check Approximate Cost of Your E-Commerce Website on Standard Hosting Here

Vendors : Single Merchant | Multiple Merchants
Language : Single Language | 2 Languages 3 Languages
Payment : Cash On Delivery | Payment Gateway
No of Products : Upto 100 | Upto 1000 | Upto 10000
Custom Design Pages (Other than Product Views): Upto 5 | Upto 10 | Upto 20
Design Standard : Standard | Premium
Invoicing System : Integrated | No Thanks
Inventory Management System : Integrated | No Thanks
Mobile APP: Android | IOS | Both | No Thanks
6 Months SEO Support: Of Course! | No Thanks

Price for Firms in India: INR 35000.00 + 18% GST
Price for Firms outside India: $2000 + Taxes if any
If you are planning a Web enterprise which may/can scale upto Amazon or Alibaba, Forget these prices and drop a mail at info@nistive dot com for consultation.

Organization Website

An Organization Website can actually function either as a Noticeboard for the organization or as an organization itself.

Most organizations go for a Dynamic website that comes in a Content Management System and a backend Web Application for its Management. Static Organization websites are now implemented by small organizations.

An Example of Static Organization Website,
1) A Small School Network wants to display Static details about their Classes, Admission, Yearly Passout percentage etc. All updates are made manually by us. Websites that require only minor changes in an year do not need a Content Management System or Backend Application. This can reduce costs for a starter.
Sample pricing: Domain & Server Charges 4000/Year + Design Charges 2000/Unique Page + AMC: 3000/Year
For a 6 Pages Static website: INR 18,000 Initial Cost + 5000/Year Recurring Cost.
For a 10 Pages Static website: INR 27,000 Initial Cost + 7000/Year Recurring Cost.

An Example of Dynamic Organization Website,
2) A Research Organization need a website to Display their findings, Patents, Technologies, Public Information and statistics in graphics report format. The website will be required to run on the state of art technology & security rather than its skin. It may have login system for employees, administrators, data entry operator etc. This types of websites are very bulk and number of pages cannot be estimated as it need frequent updation. In that case we would consider a package of Base Price + Annual Maintenance Contract.
Sample Pricing:
Design Cost + Development Cost + Hosting Cost : INR 3,00,000
Annual Maintenance Charge: INR 25,000/Year (15 Days Free Remote Service / Year)
Total Cost: INR 3.25 Lakhs
For Onsite support: Rs.2000/Day + Travel/Food/Accomodation/Emergency Medical Costs of the staff. Prices are indicative only. Please place an enquiry for a better price.

Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are for professionals and creative agencies for showcasing their works. This type of websites usually have premium designs but low backend capabilities. Howevers this Design-Tech balancing are quite dependent upon unique requirement.

For a better understanding of Cost,
1) A Standard portfolio website for a Professional Freelancer Photographer showcasing his Photogragraphs by various categories can Cost upto INR 20,000.
If he requires a Booking System / Appointment system in his website, Total cost can go upto INR 25,000. Again if he need a Content Management system for managing and uploading photos by himself, Total Cost may just fall behind INR 45,000.

2) A Popular Actor or a Singer wants to showcase their Photos, Movie Details, Awards, Upcoming Events etc in a very premium designed portfolio website. These type of websites need frequent updation of content. Unlike in our first example, a variety of data needed to be handled with Content Management System. Portfolio websites with such capabilities and design can cost upto INR 1,20,000. If they need a fans forum built into this website Cost can be between INR 3 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs.

Prices are indicative only. Please place an enquiry for a better price.

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