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A Technology company for Smart and Futuristic organizations.
Business Solutions, Software development & Web Designing are our area of Expertise.
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About Company

We started up in 2011 as Team Nistive, A Coding & Web designing firm.

After years of development of our SaaS Software packages for Invoicing, Institution Management Software and Patient Management Software, we founded Nistive Technology Center, a subsidiary company of Nistive , dedicated to technology services.

Nistive Technology Center - Customer facilitation and Development office is situated in Kundamkuzhy, Kasaragod, Kerala.

While most of the operation are carried out remotely by well experienced professionals as well as its Co-Founders, NTC Kundamkuzhy has infrastructure for inhouse software development, web designing & Mobile APP Development for Data & Code Sensitive Projects.

Area of Expertise

We are well experienced in building Custom Software Solutions like ERP's and Invoicing Systems for Small - Medium - Large Enterprises. We focus on usability rather than sophistications. We believe that each penny spent by the customer should be utilized for functionalities that they will use now or in near future. Most of packaged software show cases extra functionalies built in but at a very higher prices. In Indian Scenario, for substantial growth of IT Market, price of the software really matters. We deliver and charge for only the functionalities the client needs and benefits their business. This ideology makes us a cost effective company for businesses to depend upon.

Outsourcing & Insourcing

We are a For-Profit-Company, But we also constantly engage with smaller IT Startups if any bulk requirements arises. We Co-work with a few number of firms for developing good Mobile Application based Services and Research Purposes.

We also undertake outsourced work from other contries if the client could communicate in standard English. We are a More Coding- Less Administration Company and Cost is much lower compared to other big players. Since development is only a small part of the process, Most Companies charge Coding COST X 5 for their Software. We Charge around Coding Cost X 2.8 for most of our projects including contigency funds and Margins.

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