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We make Software for Business, Organizations & People!

Billing Software, Online Invoicing Software, Cloud ERP Software and Custom built Softwares which coulb be used within a Web Browser . Web application Integrated websites for Organizations, Data Applications for Research Centers and Research People are done with graet responsibility.

We Build Websites that work for you.

A Website is not a luxury now as it was in last decade. It is the neccessity of today. If you need an ambassador of your business in web space you need a website that can clearly market your products and services. We build websites that clearly communicate to Humans and Search Bots. Responsiveness does not need a special mention nowadays. We are capable of building websites with very powerfull backend Web applications and Content Management System.

We Re-Design your existing Website !

Have you built your website all in a hury with a wrong company? Dont worry, Be Cool..
We undertake Web redesigning orders at 25% lesser than we quote for a new one. We share your pain. Call / Write to us »

We help you sell Products Online!

Those who doesnt sell online, is not utilizing their resources at its best.E-Commerce Website is a very sophisticated Web application which has a Business Website with Payment Gateway Integration and Cart Use Cases implemented as its front end, and one or more Web Trading Software Integrated at its backend.

If it sound too technical We could say, if you have something to sell online, we will help you sell it online. You dont need Lakhs of rupees to start up one E-com website. Call Us.

Outsourcing projects from Companies all over the World

We are a cost effective company. We charge for the requirements only, not for unwanted modules.

Requirements are communicated only through Official Email Address. All communications shall be in standard English only.

Choose us as your outsourcing partner and reduce costs upto 30%.
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Technologies: PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation

Technology Consultation

Majority of business persons are well experienced and focussed in own their area of expertise . In situations such as technology upgrades like Hardware / Software Changes business persons might fall for false advises . We help you to acquire the right solution in your budget even if service is not provided by us. Pricing depends upon requirement. Bad choices could be very costly.

Source Code Buying & Mediaton

If you are an IT Startup and require an existing base sourcecode to build your products, we can help.
We could provide you a base source code and training required for your developers. We already have source code for Invoicing Systems, ERP, Institution Management System, A mini school management system, Patient management system etc. Most Source code prices are between INR 50K and INR 3 Lakhs. If you need custom requirement source code in PHP or Codeigniter pricing depends on requirements. Confidentiality Agreement and Non Disclosure Agreement would be signed while implementing a fresh project of yours.
If you already have a deal to purchase source code from another party we can help checking the code quality for you acting as a mediator.

IT Infrastructure

We provide advice as well as implementation of IT infrastructure in your Budget. Creative space planning service is also provided for IT Startups.

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